Come on through that squeaky screen door!!

Hello from the East Coast’s sandy shores.  **waves wildly**  So glad to see you stop in!

I’ll start with deepest apologies that I’ve been away from writing for quite some time.  Trust me.  It’s pained my heart in ways there are no words for, but I’m happy to be BACK and ridiculously excited to see you here!  

So, what genres does my Muse go skipping through with wild abandon?  Lord of the Rings, Hellboy II, and The Southern Vampire Mysteries.  Though occasionally the wicked little chick escapes, and there’s no telling what she might do . . . One-Shots are apt to appear at random.

What’s on the 2016 menu for the Muse?  Top Priority is my 3 multi-chapter fics (listed below).  I am DETERMINED to return to regular posting again, but Le Muse is a wee bit rusty from her time away in the Copa Cabana, so please overlook any enthusiastic errors.  Right now, it’s more important for me to write and get it out there, than write perfectly and keep it hidden on my hard drive.  I’m gonna cut myself some slack 🙂

And in other blah, blah . . . I’m a magickal chick first.  Vampire chick second.  Elves officially own my soul, and to them I shall always be true.  Just consider yourself forewarned –  I rock it Southern Style and purely for Pixie Giggles, so if you don’t appreciate people playing with your elves’ pointy little ears, abs, asses and everything in-between, save yourself and turn back now.  My Muse digs A/U Fantasy with supernatural on the side.  Hard-headed women & other inexplicably cool things will always be involved.  

Now, grab yourself a chair and come on in!  Cold beer is in the cooler & the hammocks are hanging under the palms.  Enjoy!  ~E~         




Fey and fangs collide in a wickedly dark game of “who gets the girl” when the Fairies return to Earth with backup from the LOTR Elves, and the vampires do not give an inch. Its every supernatural for themselves as the sins stack up, because forcing a human into a life they did not choose isn’t nearly as easy as it seems – and before it ends, two stubborn southern women will be forced to choose between two worlds and the two men they love to stay alive . . .



Sea water swallowed a sacred silver sarcophagus when Niall Brigant sent Eric Northman sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic – but even the oceans cannot separate two souls determined to be together or the Fey King himself stop the hurricane that releases a vampire hell bent on reclaiming the woman he loves . . . or from having his revenge.

My Kingdom - Long


All hell breaks loose all over again when the Tuatha Dé Danann decide Nuada and Nuala deserve a second try, Liz’s sister shows up as full of fire as she is, and poor Agent John Myers gets dragged back from Antarctica to sort it all out.




2 thoughts on “Come on through that squeaky screen door!!

  1. Just want you to know, ladybug, I’m rereading TWOC –love it, love it! I’m hoping your muse is not lazing about on the beach, drinking Mojitos and slathering on the coconut oil. Get that bitch to work -Nauda has been resting on Eric’s windshield for wayyyyy tooo long!
    love! Pat

  2. Was reading My Kingdom Come and would love to see more.

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